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Nokia Asha 200

Nokia Asha 200 Review

Nokia Asha Series is back for another review round up and this time we are reviewing Nokia Asha 200. Nokia tried to expand its dual SIM and feature rich affordable phone range with the Asha 200. The phone is primarily custom-made for those mobile users who want convenience, Internet browsing and entertainment – all in one handset. Apart from this the Asha 200 is also equipped with the Nokia Music Unlimited service.

The Nokia Asha 200 is quite a cheap phone in terms of its price though there are plenty of bad ways to be cheap but the Asha 200 apparently gets it the right way. The Nokia Asha 200 is a QWERTY messenger with dual-SIM support. And, it is not just the dual SIM support rather the combination of S40 interface and QWERTY keyboard as well as the dual SIM support and colorful bodywork.

Generally speaking, you will have to carry out without one or two things that of course can be taken for granted in modern-day phones. If truth be told, such omission of features is not difficult to forgive for a phone that costs next to nothing.

The Nokia Asha 200 puts emphasis on the fundamentals while offering true value to your money.

Nokia Lumia 710

Nokia Lumia 710 Review

Nokia Lumia 710 is a budget-friendly version of the Lumia 800 flagship that comes with almost the same internals, however skimping only on storage and camera quality relative to its older sibling. The phone is made up of plastic that may feel cheap but it is well constructed like you would expect from Nokia. The Nokia Lumia 710 is targeted at the customers who would like to try a premium device that feels premium without crossing their budget line.

With Nokia 710, you will get what you have paid for - that mainly is the excellent Windows Phone operating system. Although, it is not flashy and definitely is not an iPhone killer but overall it is a nice device that comes at a bargain price.

The Lumia 710 embodies Nokia's foremost Windows Phone 7.5 smartphone in the United States, even though the higher-end Lumia 800 model is already available. Lumia 710 shares several features with its higher-priced brother but its lowest price tag can be quite apparent in crucial areas like the phone's display as well as build quality.

The Lumia 710 is no slouch when you use it because of a high-speed processor and Windows Phone's eye-catching and snappy interface. While the phone benefits from its good call quality, satisfactory battery life and a usable camera. Nokia Lumia 710 has a smaller amount built-in memory, an LCD screen rather than AMOLED, and a 5MP camera so as to maintain the budget status and keep the price down.

Samsung P6200 Galaxy Tab 7.0 Plus

Samsung P6200 Galaxy Tab 7.0 Plus Review

The first tablet from Samsung was came out around two years ago and from that time the company has released around dozens of other tablets that very in their sizes and form factors. Apparently the Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.0 Plus is a fresh version of the very first model. Samsung has a huge variety of tablets to offer – ranging from 7 to 10.1 inches screens, AMOLEDS to LCDs, resolution from WSVGA (600 x 1024) to well above HD, from 3G and Wi-Fi enabled combos to only Wi-Fi versions and inbuilt storage capacity from 16 GB to 64 GB. With the Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.0 Plus, the company decided to go back to where it all started.

If compared with the Galaxy Tab 10.1 or 8.9, the Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.0 Plus looks like the fraternal twin of these earlier versions. The hardware configurations as well as the design of both of the compared entities are almost the same. The Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.0 Plus with its 345 grams and 9.9mm thickness is the thinner and lighter tablet.

Design wise, the Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.0 Plus’s back panel is quite glossy with the white plastic with a sliver accent wrapped around the edges. The Samsung tries to deluge the market with Android tablets in all sizes in the direction of catering to particular requirements and lifestyles of the consumers.

HTC Explorer

HTC Explorer Review

The HTC Explorer with its affordable price tag has become a sweet spot for budget friendly Android smartphones that not only offers a comparatively good smartphone experience but also does not compromise on the features. It is the most affordable Android smartphone to date that is more or less similar to the HTC Wildfire S which retails at just a few bucks more but practically both the phones are same with only one or two differences. So, let us see whether this budget friendly hottest foray of HTC will pall in the crowd or will it grow back like a phoenix from the ashes?

The HTC Explorer is so named not for the reason that it is a mobile phone for Bear Grylls-style explorers, but for the reason that it is designed for people exploring the world of smart phones for the first time. The HTC Explorer is the cheapest smart phone currently available in the HTC range that has been especially designed to be easy to use.

With its exciting features and a reasonably priced rate, this courageous little smartphone appeals to those people most who are looking for a compact set and even to those users who are very nearly getting started in smartphones.

Samsung Omnia W I8350

Samsung Omnia W I8350 Review

Samsung Omnia W I8350 is an attempt of Samsung to sort of in power-saving approach in the joint venture with Microsoft. Although the Omnia W 18350 has not drawn all such attention towards itself as a result of blowing the numbers out of proportion. The new Samsung Omnia W I8350 is tied in with a Super-sized 3.7-inch AMOLED and has a WVGA resolution of 480 x 800 pixels along with 16 million colors over and above Samsung Omnia W I8350 is reinforced by the Qualcomm MSM8255 Snapdragon with a clock speed 1.4 GHz Single Core. It is also supported by Adreno 205 GPU to support the performance, all of which were progressively more being supplied with 512MB of RAM.

Physically, Samsung Omnia W I8350 weighs around 115.3 g with the dimension of 115.6 x 58.8 x 10.9 mm, this is although light but a bit thicker if you compare it with the other products by Samsung. Samsung Omnia W I8350 runs Windows OS Phone 7.5 Mango that appears to possess little application that can be downloaded in order to boost the functionality. However over time, in particular after Nokia took the Windows Operating System Phone as their foremost smartphone, it is not unfeasible that the future will be flourishing this platform for example Android and IOS.

HTC Rhyme

HTC Rhyme Review

The HTC Rhyme has a purse charm and comes in colors that no man can name. This handset going to appeal the ladies out there. The phone is specially designed for ladies which itself is not an easy job. For that reason accessories are there. The HTC Rhyme is the latest addition by the company to the Verizon wireless line-up that sets itself apart from the other phones in the family as it is specifically designed and targeted for women.

The handset is a profound, luscious plum color that provides this mid-range HTC smartphone something a little bit different to the blocks of black that are ruling the market. And, probably, not completely estranging men from their target market either with their second bronzey-silvery color that's available. This time with HTC Rhyme the company decided to crack down on the accessories thereby, heading its promotion campaign with a radiant purse appeal to avoid missing calls.

Although the phone is marketed as ladies phone yet you will not find anyone at HTC calling the HTC Rhyme the ladies smartphone. Furthermore the company is extra cautious in not referring the phone to Android and even they do not call this phone a smartphone in any of their advertisements. It looks like as they did not plan the HTC Rhyme as a girl phone and later they decided to market it as one.

The accessories it ships with make it different from other Android mobile phones. The HTC Rhyme comes with a leather pouch, a docking cradle, headphones and Charm cube that lights up upon an incoming call or message. All in one it is a feature-rich smartphone that ships with loads of surprising accessories. Let us have a close look!

Samsung Galaxy Note N7000

Samsung Galaxy Note N7000 Review

Today we look at the new innovation from Samsung which can be a good replacement for the tablets. The reason why tablets are so appealing include their larger screen, higher resolution and long lasting battery time, and all these abovementioned features are provided in this handset that we call the Samsung Galaxy Note N7000. The handset is well suited option for those who would like to carry tablet for the abovementioned features because all these three features not only enchant the desire of having a tablet but ultimately end up essentially needing one for them.

The only thing which is not so cool about Tablets is the need to carry two devices all the time, in particular when one of them won't fit into any practical pocket. This is the point where the Samsung Galaxy Note N7000 comes into play. It is intended to compress the high-resolution screen and battery longevity of a tablet into a package that is yet affordable for anyone and it does its job pretty well however success is not at all guaranteed.

Samsung Wave Y S5380

Samsung Wave Y S5380 Review

The Samsung Wave Y S5380 is the latest midrange phone from the Samsung that runs the latest version of the Bada OS, 2.0. The phone measures 110 x 58.2 x 12.3 millimeters and weighs 102.4 gm. Bada 2.0 has owned more than a few revisions from the time when it was initially released with the Samsung Galaxy Wave 3 and the most recent stable build runs great on the rather limited Wave Y hardware.

From the internal storage capacity point of view, the phone holds an internal storage capacity of 150 MB with a 2 GB microSD card included. The memory space can also further be expanded with a 32 GB memory card. The Wave Y S5380 also lets you collect files from other users as well as from the web. And for this purpose the Wave Y has three avenues: (i) WLAN, that has three kinds of Wi-Fi working—the Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n, Wi-Fi Direct and Wi-Fi hotspot (ii) version 3.0 of Bluetooth with A2DP and (iii) version 2.0 of microUSB. Furthermore, the handset also comes with GPRS, EDGE and 3G HSDPA connectivity for easy sharing of files from the web.

Though, Bada OS has limited number of available application that will be a major question for the people coming from Android. However, the Bada app store has been slowly building up content. On top, the Samsung Wave Y S5380 offers a good amount of extras that do not cost you high. So, if you are shopping on a budget, the Wave Y S5380 would be a good choice for you.