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BlackBerry Key2

BlackBerry Key2 Review

Who would have thought that we will be getting smartphones with physical keyboard in this age and time, until Blackberry adapted Android and released their phones using Android OS. Since then, they have been releasing some phones and the one which got most hype was Blackberry KeyOne. Now, for 2018, Blackberry has released yet another edition of their Key series flagships, Blackberry Key2 and its fair to say, this looks like Blackberry might just be back in the game. It is a phone defined by its most retro feature: physical keyboard. Just about every design, software, and hardware decision manufacturer TCL has made comes down to physical keys in some way, whether it's form-factor, size of touchscreen, or their new "Speed Key" that promises to make navigating Android 8.1 Oreo a lot smoother. Whether or not this brand-new device from Blackberry holds the formula to be a success in market, let's find out.

Motorola Moto Z3 Play

Motorola Moto Z3 Play Review

Motorola unveiled its Moto Z line of devices in 2016, which was a new series from company under its new owner Lenovo. Firm also unveiled Moto Mods to go alongside it, modules that could be attached at back of a compatible phone and do all sorts of things, from giving phone more juice, adding a speaker, giving it a better camera and so much more. Now for 2018, Motorola has launched its new Z series phone, Motorola Moto Z3 Play. It's the latest entry in Z series lineup with support for swappable mods and midrange specs for a midrange price point. Overall design remains similar to previous Z-series phones and being a Play device, this should be one designed for users who love to use their phones for long hours. Question remains, whether Motorola's new Z-series entrant remains triumphant in impressing its supposed audience or is it another modular device with a very short hype life? Let's find out.

Honor Play

Honor Play Review

2018 has been an amazing year for all smartphone enthusiast. With top flagships shining bright in market, it's been a year full of midrange surprises as well. To make smartphone market even competitive, Huawei has released an exciting new smartphone, one which looks like a mid-ranger, costs like a mid-ranger, but performs like a flagship. Huawei Honor Play is that drop in the lake of smartphones which is here to change entire trends and user expectations from a mid-range device. Bearing flagship performance, this phone is set to break the barrier between mid-range segment and top-notch performance and to top it all, Huawei is also branding this phone as a gamer's device. It's optimized for high levels of GPU performance and comes with a premium design. Question remains now, is this formula really going to work? What are the cuts that Huawei must've done to keep price so low? Let's find out!

Asus ROG Phone

Asus ROG Phone Review

Asus isn't known for its high-end phones and traditionally, they've penetrated mid-range segment and attempted to bring a lot of value to consumer at a lower price. That changes now with advent of gaming smartphones in market. As more and more gaming smartphones are coming out, Asus decided to give it a shot as well, with its famous gaming lineup brand, ROG (Republic of Gamers). Previously, ROG series featured gaming laptops and peripherals with flashy branding, beefy specs and RGB lighting and Asus is bringing all that to smartphones now, with its brand-new gaming flagship device, ASUS ROG Phone. Question remains, as there have been a couple of entrants in this gaming smartphone segment, is Asus ROG Phone capable of penetrating this market which already has a niche set of customers? Let's find out.

HTC U12+

HTC U12+ Review

HTC U12+ might just be least-hyped smartphone of the year. It arrives at end of a long spree of flagship announcements and without any fanfare, hype, or glamour of many of its rivals. Yet again, HTC's flagship for 2018 follows HTC U11's footsteps by having a superb camera experience and snappy software. Stylish design and formidable specifications make it ideal for those seeking a premium smartphone, but don't have disposable income for an Apple iPhone X or Samsung Galaxy S9+. Question now remains, can HTC make you care about it again? Does HTC U12+ provide enough reasons for users to opt for an HTC device in this highly competitive smartphone market? Let's find out.

OnePlus 6

OnePlus 6 Review

For seven generations of phones, OnePlus pursued a goal of delivering latest technology at an affordable price. Four years later, we now have OnePlus 6 which sits in between "just a yearly evolution" and "major overhaul." This new phone costs nearly double what OnePlus One did and $30 more than last November's OnePlus 5T. Competing with Samsung Galaxy S9, Apple iPhone X and LG G7, is OnePlus 6's improved cameras, faster processor, increased RAM and new slick-looking glass-covered body worth its price? Or does it hold true to a winning formula, a premium smartphone with top-end specs that costs less than half the price of an Apple iPhone X? Let's find out.

LG G7 ThinQ

LG G7 ThinQ Review

LG's latest flagship device, LG G7 ThinkQ is their best phone in years, coming very close to being a great phone. Packing top of the line specs, a modern design and a bright new display, it has a lot going on in hardware department, however, there's lack of any strong visual identity that sets up top phones apart. There are several reasons why many LG fans worldwide will enjoy this phone and considering that it will be priced lower than an Apple iPhone X or Huawei P20 Pro, there's a good chance LG can get some market share with this phone. Whether or not this latest device from LG is capable to get LG back on track, let's find out.

ZTE nubia Red Magic

ZTE nubia Red Magic Review

2018 has been a year of gaming smartphone arrivals as gaming phones are popping up at a steady pace. More competition is always good as it pushes companies to try harder to win market and now after Razer Phone and Xiaomi Black Shark, Chinese manufacturer ZTE has come up with its own gaming smartphone, ZTE nubia Red Magic. It is designed to be a phone that speaks out its gaming status with a cutting-edge gamer design. Price much lower than its competitors, ZTE seems to have planned this phone for those smartphone gaming users who want to get what Razer Phone provides at a much affordable price point. Question remains, as gaming phones have a small life cycle and they have somewhat struggled in mainstream market till now, will ZTE's own gaming device be able to conquer market and gamer's hearts? Let's find out.

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